#Köthen: Kommentar von einem Genossen aus England

It has recently came to my attention that the so-called „antideutsche“
lunatics have accused friends and comrades of mine of antisemitism. This
baffles me because I am myself a Jew, a working-class communist Jew from
England, who have known ZK and the real Magdeburg antifa for almost 7
years now. In those 7 years I have NOT ONCE heard anything remotely
racist, let alone antisemitic from them. If I had, then I simply
wouldn’t want to know them, and they certainly wouldn’t want to know me.
I first met them when I arranged with them to attend a protest in
Magdeburg, and never once did I have to hide being Jewish, why would I?
They have always treat me no different, and I still regularly visit them
in a political and a non-political capacity. They are some of the finest
socialists and fighters against antisemitism that I have ever met. The
area which a lot of them are from, based and control politically,
Stadtfeld, is indeed the only place in the whole of Germany where I felt
100% secure wearing a kippah. This is because they do not tolerate
fascism, antisemitism, or other types of racism in this area. I also
know that without question they would have my back if I ever needed it.
My Jewishness has never been an issue. The only people who ever seem to
make it an issue are those that falsely claim to be against
antisemitism, the antideutsche. I agree with anti-Zionism. I am a proud
Jew, and I have no connection with the state of Israel, and I despise
its apartheid regime. The state of Israel has only existed since the
1940s, as a people the Jews have existed for thousands of years. For me
it is antisemitic to define thousands of years of Jewish history and
culture, by a state which has existed only since the 1940s. This is what
the antideutsche do and as a Jew I find it downright offensive. I have
no love for the antideutsche, only contempt. In fact, one of my proudest
moments was physically assaulting an antideutsche lunatic. I love
removing their shit stickers whenever I am in Germany and replacing them
with genuinely socialist and anti-fascist ones. Most recently myself and
a friend paid a social visit to Magdeburg…

and unexpectedly, but happily ended up participating in the first
protest against the fascists who mobilised in Koethen. I arrived and was
present on the static protest at the station. I was wearing my kippah,
the only one there and when I entered the demo people did notice me. So
for anyone reading this that was there, I am that guy (If you can
remember). I arrived with people who are not only political comrades but
friends, good and honest friends. Friends who I not only share politics
with but, as a Jew, I feel 100% safe and secure with. When fighting
fascism, antisemitism and other forms of racism, I know that I am
confident in fighting alongside my Magdeburg friends. The antideutsche
have nothing to offer Jewish people, they have nothing to offer
socialism and antifascism. They do not support Jewish people, they
support Israel. Israel and Jews are not the same thing. In fact, I don’t
know any Jews that have anything in common with antideutsche. One memory
was when I asked a Rabbi what he thought of the „antideutsche“ and he
said „what’s that?“, and I showed him. That Rabbi just laughed and said
„idiots“. To say that ZK and the Magdeburg antifa have done nothing to
fight fascism in Magdeburg is insane. In the 7 years that I have known
them, the level of commitment, organisation, militancy and success in
the fight against fascism continues to impress me. Contrast this to the
pseudo-academic and middle-class bullshit of the antideutsche. They seem
to exist more to falsely label genuine socialists as so-called
„antisemites“. They ridiculously believe that „Zionism is socialism“,
how ridiculous and offensive! So what are they saying when they say that
„Zionism is socialism“? That Jabotinsky is a socialist (For example)?
They are idiots if they believe this.

If anyone of these antideutsche clowns wants to debate this with me in
person, I would be happy to do this face-to-face next time I am in
Germany. I stand 100% side-by-side with my friends in Magdeburg, the
real anti-fascists, socialists and working-class militants of that city.
I stand against the antisemites, the capitalists, the capitalists‘
fascist children, and of course I stand against the antideutsche.“

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